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An Eye for Detail

I have been an engineer for the  best part of my life and I had a small workshop at home repairing various electrical / mechanical items, working with with my hands was something I was always good at, I wanted a small box to put away an expensive  electrical tester. I had and found that the boxes on sale were not of good quality for the money and generally poorly made, so I set about making one myself which I had never done before, as you can imagine  the results weren’t to impressive, however practice make perfect and many hours later and a few pieces of wood i managed to make  a reasonable  box, I went on to make a few more as i enjoyed the challenge, It wasn’t long before I was  having a go at other wooden products and so it all went from there, eventually I had to expand my workshop as  more people asked me to make other different items.

Ian nicholson Woodyoubelieveit 

This sliding lid box is made from solid oak wood 

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